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Rex Specs dog goggles

REX SPECS: -  come in four sizes - X Large, Large, Medium and Small, please look at the pictures at the bottom of the description for the size chart.

Under the Chin: The strap should be snug under the dog’s chin. The plastic tri-glide that holds the crossing straps should sit in the soft part of the underside of the dog’s jaw. When the dog’s mouth is closed there should be no visible slack in the strap and the elastic should not be stretched taut at all. The dog should always be able to open their mouth to eat, drink, and pant.

Secure Side Straps: These little guys are SUPER important and often get overlooked! One reason these straps are so important is that they are responsible for holding the goggle close to the dogs face, keeping them from shifting side to side, and make it difficult to paw off. If a pup can get their paw behind the goggle they will be able to pull it off, but if they don’t ever realize this is possible the training will be much easier.

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