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Turmeric is made out of the plant Curcuma longa and is the main ingredient in curry. The ‘sacred powder’ as called in India, has been used for centuries to heal wounds, infections and other health problems. Recently there are well-established researches that prove how turmeric exactly works. Medical analysis has shown that this substance influences the effect of pharmaceuticals and protects against cancer. Curcumin is the active substance of turmeric and has an extraordinary therapeutic effect, proved by investigation at the Rhodes University of Southern- Africa.

The active substance curcumin has the ability to bind heavy metals and prevents any damage by those metals to the body of your animal. An example is the prevention of senile plaques in the brain to assure an everlasting cerebration. Another function of curcumin is to further the emerging of nerve cells running out to the smallest parts of the  body and counteract regression. Both abilities together can make the brain just as the rest of the body function better with as less deterioration as possible.

Recent study has shown that curcumin can arouse cancer cells to apoptosis (cellular suicide), without damaging any normal and healthy cells. This active substance would also counteract the multiplication and spreading of cancer cells and reduce the number of cases of colon cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer.

Curcumin has the ability to kill dangerous bacteria and it improves the effect of some antibiotics. By this feature the bactericides are able to kill even the most dangerous bacteria like Stafylococcus aureus.

The active substance of turmeric has the ability to slow down the multiplication of viruses, what only certain pharmaceuticals are capable of. Because of this aspect turmeric can reduce the symptoms of certain viral illnesses and diminish their effects on the body (ex. HIV, HPV, …).

Curcumin also has an antioxidant whereas it reduces the molecular damage of reactive oxygen species on the body. Hereby ageing is inhibited and the possibility of cancer strongly reduced.

Several studies have shown the effect of curcumin on diabetic animals. The active substance would decrease the level of sugar in the blood en balance the weight of your domestic animal, which results in a lower load on the joints.

The University of Lüttich has collected a lot of data about the biologic affects of curcurmin on the chondrocytes (cartilage cells) in the joints. Hereby, the chondrocytes would be protected against catabolic effects of the surrounding body reactions. The anti- inflammatory effect and the countering of osteoporosis makes this an ideal addition to redress and obviate rheumatism and osteopenia. This way your domestic animal is able to move without problems or pain.

Through the years there were a lot of studies effectuated to assure the security, pharmacokinetics and the efficiency of curcumin. Hereby they concluded that even if animals take high doses during a relative long period this includes no toxic effect in any way. All these health-promoting effects maintain a healthy body.

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Anti oxidant
Cancer inhibitor
Anti- inflammatory

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Product Code VWNKUR