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This blue-green alga is one of the oldest forms of life on earth and has been adapting perfectly to changing circumstances for billions of years. It is rooted in the culture of the Aztecs and occurs in different parts of South - America and Mexico, but especially in the mineral-rich lakes of Central - Africa.

This dietary supplement has a very extensive nutritional profile of 11 vitamins, 10 minerals, 18 amino acids, beta-carotene (25 times more than carrots), ... The positive effects of Spirulina are not only due to the operation of the various nutrients separately, but also due to their combination. By the composite effect of these substances, nutrients are easily absorbed into the body. This saltwater algae is a much better source of vitamins than most synthetic multivitamin supplements.

Spirulina has numerous positive effects on the body that improves the health of your dog, cat, pigeon or horse. First of all, the weak and listless animals gain more energy and vitality, but it also supports different types of effort. Also it helps to recover from illness and helps animals with weak immune systems to strengthen. This supplement stabilizes blood sugar and helps to reduce the weight and is therefor an ideal product for diabetic patients. The body cleansing effect of Spirulina purifies and restores the entire gastrointestinal tract, like all involved organs (ex. liver). Finally, this supplementary feed is an exceptional method against various types of cancer. It has not only a protective function, which reduces the risk of cancer significantly, but it also has a combating effect, which makes sure that the present cancer cells are under attack.

This alga is a full vegetable protein source, containing omega3 fatty acids and antioxidants. The green color is caused by chlorophyll which has a strong detoxifying effect on the body. Spirulina is thus responsible both for cleaning, repairing and strengthening the body of your pet. All these features ensure a better functioning of the immune system of your dog, cat or horse and is therefore a powerful energy booster that ensures a long and healthy life.

Note! This dietary supplement contains a high level of vit. A and should therefore not be administered to pregnant animals (in the dog the first 6 weeks of gestation)!

The net weight is 200 g.

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Product Code VWNSPI