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The oil is obtained by using a natural process (without chemicals, and high temperature) to release it from the fresh fish. The used fish comes only from the Atlantic ocean (Salmo salar). Since the fish is kept in a natural environment, and the oil is obtained by a natural process a stable product is obtained. The content of dioxins and PCB’s is negligible. The salmon oil is cold pressed which means that as many essential fatty acids are preserved.

Salmon oil is a good antioxidant, which means it will ensure that the substances can cause damage (free radicals) may be neutralized or reduced so that you will obtain a prolonging effect.

In salmon oil can omega 3 - fatty acids and omega 6-fatty acids (EPA and DHA which are the most important) found. Due to the high concentration of these unsaturated fatty acids is distinguishes itself from other oils. The total of these omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids was 24.6%. There are approximately 6.8% omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. This comes at a total of 31.5% polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The salmon oil has an energy value of 9400 Kcal/kg. Contains vitamins A and D, fat, protein, ash and fiber.

This oil is suitable for obtaining a healthy skin, shiny coat and optimum health. Salmon Oil is recommended for dogs with hair and skin disorders such as flakes, dry skin, itching, elephant skin, dull and dry coat.

This is not the only thing, it is also very effective against infections such as dermatitis, skin discoloration, arthritis, ear infections, .... Especially it can help to prevent later joint problems or to support the animal.

Besides, it also has a beneficial effect on fertility, it provides a reduced risk of heart disease, it increases the resistance, it gives a better condition, some nerve functions get beter (eye and retina), improves digestion (fewer stools, better food intake), prevents that struvite crystals occur (= bladder stones, salmon oil ensures lowering the pH (= degree of acidity) of the urine, so that these crystals will be resolved), ....

The salmon oil can’t just be only given to the dog. Also horses and cats and dogs can certainly use this.

When the oil can be administered, it’s best to ad it daily to the feed. The dosages are the following:

- Dogs: 5ml/15kg bw/day

- Cats: 3ml/5kg bw/day

- Horses: 15ml/animal/day

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Product Code VWNZAL