Rex Specs Ear Pro

Product code: VWH777

Currently only available in black. 

LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE - 4-way stretch fabric is lightweight & breathable.

SOUND ABSORBING MATERIAL - Foam padding is made of high quality sound absorbing material for ultimate protection.

EQUIPMENT INTEGRATION - Easily integrates with other gear like goggles and muzzles.

LOW PROFILE - Low profile design allows for stable protection even in tight spaces.

FLEXIBLE DESIGN - Flexible design seals around ear for maximum sound protection.

DISTRIBUTE PRESSURE UNIFORMLY - The hood like design uniformly distributes pressure to be held in place without straps.

Sizing Head size
Size 2 13 - 15"
Size 3 15 - 17.5"
Size 4 17.5 - 21"

Measure the circumference of your dog's head at it's largest point (just in front of the ears and under the chin). If your dog is between sizes, Rex Specs recommend going for the larger size.


Rex Specs Ear Pro by Zeteo Tech was originally developed specifically to protect military working dogs from temporary and permanent hearing loss that can arise from noise exposure. Whether on a mission, at the firing range, or on a motorcycle, Rex Specs Ear Pro will protect your dog’s ears and can limit your dog’s hearing damage over time.

Unfortunately, it is quite common for dogs to be afraid of fireworks, which can cause anxiety. Some animals react to the bang, others to the whistling sound or the flashing lights.

Many animals react to both light and sound and experience anxiety. Dogs that are afraid of fireworks may also be afraid of other things, such as thunder or other loud noises.

Ear Pro will help to deaden the noise from fireworks and thunder, keeping your dog inside with curtains drawn to block out the flashing bright lights will also help.


The hearing protection device for the dog works similarly to hearing protection devices for humans. The ear pro covers the ears and is more or less impervious to whatever sounds are outside of the hearing protection. The technical, stretchy fabric and acoustic foam that the device is made of helps keep the ear pro tight to the dog’s head forming a good seal around the ear. In audiology the term attenuated, or dumbed down, even eliminated to describe what happens to sound when it tries to pass through sound blocking materials. The goal of the hearing protection is to attenuate as much noise as possible – reducing stereocilia fatigue, reducing noise induced hearing loss.


There are countless situations that non-working dogs could benefit from hearing protection – these include:

  • Transportation in airplanes, trucks, and other vehicles where there is engine noise exposure.
  • Loud outside environments, such as concerts or around construction
  • Holidays where noise phobic dogs are impacted by fireworks, parade noise, etc.
  • Hunting – repetitive gunfire exposure

Product Code VWH777

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A real game changer!

My dog is extremely noise sensitive and always has been. I live in the countryside and the sound of loud noises such as shotguns going off (even if they are miles away), or during fireworks celebrations, has my dog going into complete meltdown and she becomes an absolute trembling nervous wreck which is pitiful to see. I had tried using calming plug in diffusers, calming collars and a 'thunder shirt' within the home environment. but nothing really helped. As for being outdoos, hearing loud noises was something that I had no control over. and that I dreaded However, after doing some research about the effectiveness of using dog ear defenders, the Rex Specs Pro ear defenders looked to be the best suited and most practical option for my dog.. What a game changer they have proved to be! We are currently in the middle of the shooting season (I'm not a fan myself), however, I can honestly say that when out walking through the fields my dog is now completely oblivious to any loud noises and happily continues to sniff and run around. A real bonus is that because of their clever design, she can still hear my low tone commands to her. Yes, they are pricey, but so well worth it and I only wish that I had known about these Rex Specs Pro when they first became available to the market. I would definitely recommend!

Sara Griffiths | Wales | November 2023

Excellent . I have the ear defenders for both my dogs for fireworks . They are comfortable and work well

Excellent . I have the ear defenders for both my dogs for fireworks . They are comfortable and work well

Janet | IOM | November 2023

Helps my dog stay calm Verified Purchase

Have only tried them twice but they seem to help calm my dog when loud noises are going off outside. Hoping it works for Bonfire and New Years Eve and we can actually enjoy those nights instead of having a terrified dog.

Leanne Kelly | Oxford | November 2023

I purchased to help peotect my dogs hearing whilst hes on a self propelled treadmill thats quite noisy. I will also try in other situations as they arise, fireworks etc. Verified Purchase

I couldnt find many reviews out there for this product. Based on that fact i purchased from Von Wolf K9, as a trusted supplier i have used many times before. And Im glad to say im more than happy with the rex specs ear pro as its a quality product to help in protecting my dogs hearing.

Andy P | West Midlands | October 2023