Remote Training Systems

Teaching Recall with an E-Collar

The collar should be fitted tight enough so you can just get a finger between the strap and your dogs neck. Using a long line or retractable lead connected to your usual collar or harness (not on the E-Collar).

Let your dog get some distance from you, then give your recall command/whistle and at the same time hold down the pager/vibrate button, now while holding down the pager button guide your dog back to you using your long line. When your dog gets back to you touch him and at the same time let go of the pager button, repeat this over the next couple of days now the dog will be learning that the recall word/whistle starts the collar vibrating and the touch turns the collar off.

Next step is to go somewhere you know the dog will be distracted and will ignore the pager/vibrate, at this point come off the vibrate and hit the stim continuous button you will then see a reaction to the stim, now come of the stim and back onto the pager/vibrate and now follow the routine using the vibrate/pager button for the dog to return to you for the touch to stop the collar.

Using this method, you will rarely need to use the stim as the dog will react to the vibrate thinking the electric/stim will follow and return to you as fast as possible to turn off the collar.

I would recommend continuing this training using the long line for the next 10 days to be sure the dog totally understands to return to you to turn the vibrate off, it’s also not unusual for the dog to be a bit clingy at first but this will not last for long.

Using this method will ensure your dog understands the stim/vibrate is coming from you, one of the most common mistakes we see with e collars is the dog doesn’t understand where the stim/vibrate is coming from this can lead to dogs thinking the stim is coming from what they maybe chasing and can increase the desire to chase or even fight.

Now your dog has been conditioned to the e collar You will also be able to use your collar to reinforce corrections for other unwanted behaviours but please seek advice first.

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