Omega Liquid Sheep Fat 1lt

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This dietary supplement based on sheep fat, sunflower oil and linseed oil has a strong promoting effect on the intestinal flora. It protects the body against harmful bacteria without influencing the natural intestinal bacteria of your dog, cat, horse, pigeon. There is a type of film layer placed on the intestinal wall which protects the mucous membrane against irritant nutrients. This is a very beneficial effect in dogs who react hypersensitive to certain food components and even show allergic reactions. The many skin problems associated with allergies such as hair loss, bald spots, flaking, ... are being treated as well. Your pet will have a healthy and shiny coat! It even goes so far that the protective effect of the sheep fat also prevents and cures diarrhea due to food allergies or a bacterial infection in the intestines.

Besides protecting against harmful and irritating nutrients sheep fat also ensures a better absorption of the necessary nutrients. This has a positive impact on the health and strength of your pet.

This liquid scheep fat is rich in omega 3 - and omega 6 - fatty acids that have a strong stimulating effect on the health of your pet. These essential fatty acids cannot be created by your dog, horse, cat, pigeon itself so they are very necessary in their diet. The omega 3 fatty acids present in linseed oil, reduce the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, inhibit any inflammation and have an itch-reducing effect. Additionally, the omega 6 fatty acids present in sunflower oil care for a strengthened immune system. The fats that are created with these fatty acids also reduce growth and reproductive disorders and are essential for a healthy skin and coat.

This feed supplement is rich in vitamin E and promotes fertility by increasing the sperm quality of males significantly. Also in females it increases the number of fertile eggs per oestrus and the chance of conception. A deficiency of vitamin E can cause discrepancies and deficiencies in young animals, so it is necessary to keep the body content of this vitamin sufficiently high.

Lecithin, also present in the dietary, improves the digestibility and absorption of fats and oils and thus also increases the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid intake. It promotes the development of all kinds of body cells and thus has a favorable effect on the repair and maintenance of your pets body.

Also in pigeons liquefied sheep fat has an excellent effect. Due to the anti-inflammatory and a body-supporting effect it improves the joint function while flying. The stimulating effect on the development of the brains of pigeons ensures a higher memory capacity. On the other hand, these vitamins and minerals care for a beautiful plumage, and they support a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. In this way, it also has a positive influence on fertility and the development of the youngsters, because it supports the growing cells.

In short, this sheep fat will not only ensure that your horse, dog, cat or pigeon looks healthy, but also is healthy inside!

• Sunflower oil
• Sheep fat
• Dextrose
• Linseed oil
• E.Ros
• Lecithin

Analytical constituents:
• Crude protein: 0,6%
• Curde fat: 97.3%
• Raw fiber: <0,3%
• Crude Ash: 0,2%

Dosage: 1 teaspoon/day/10kg body weight

The net weight is 1l.


Betters the intestinal flora
Cures diarrhea
Improves fertility
Rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids

Technical specifications

Product Code VWNSCH