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NRJ is a feed supplement that increases the energy level of your dog, cat, horse, pigeon and protects the body during intensive exercise. These advantages are due to the different nutrients that are present in this powder.

The dextrose present in this dietary supplement is a natural form of glucose and is the form of carbohydrate that is absorbed the fastest. This way, the energy level of your pet raises quickly back to normal and the provision in the muscles are supplemented with energy again. On the other hand it also delivers the necessary amount of protein and nutrients to the muscles after exercise to accelerate the restoration.

Spirulina is an ingredient that has many positive effects on your pets body. It gives weak and listless animals more energy and vitality, but it also supports different types of exercise. It is an energy booster that not only provides immediate, but also long-lasting energy.

The added Goji berries in NRJ have a beneficial effect on heart- and blood vessels which cares for a better distribution of energy around the body. Also, it nourishes the body intensively so it can be brought back into balance. The combination of this nutrient, that provides deep and sound sleep, and on the other hand spirulina and glucose, which provide energy, make your animal cheerful and energetic during daytime.

The high amount of vitamin B in beer yeast promotes intestinal movement and ensures smooth digestion, leading to optimal bowel movement. In this way, your pet has a better absorption of nutrients and he’ll feels less sluggish. The other ingredients of beer yeast nourish and condition the skin intensively so your pet gets a shiny and healthy coat. The joints are protected to combat arthritis and the movement poles supported during activities.

The combined effect of all nutrients provide an increased energy level to your cat, pigeon, horse, dog. The present Beer Yeast provides an improved absorption of all nutrients present in the food supply, including energy, supplied by dextrose and spirulina. Goji berries provide the optimal distribution of the energy in the body whereas the joints and the like are protected by spirulina.

• Beer yeast
• Dextrose
• Goji berry
• Spirulina

Analytical constituents :
• Humidity : 2,4%
• Raw proteins : 24,16%
• Raw ash : <0,9%
• Sugar : 39,8%

2 à 3 gr./20kg body weight/day

The net weight is 200 g.


For more endurance
More vitality
More energy
Better recuperation

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Product Code VWNNRJ