Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger is one of the leading names in obedience training equipment, supplying quality products for dog trainers and dog lovers.

Whether you're looking for a simple close link chain, fur saver/check chain or a robust pinch/prong collar, Von Wolf stocks a range of Herm Sprenger collars in a variety of sizes.

Ultra Plus training and Starmark collars are designed to be used as a training aid in conjunction with your regular collar/harness, please seek advice from a dog trainer as to the correct use of a prong collar.

  • Ultra Plus Collars must be worn under supervision while the dog is on leash. Do NOT leave the collar on when not in use as a training device or while the dog is tied out.
  • Additionally, do not grab prongs by hand.
  • Proper fit is important to distribute correction evenly around the dogs neck. For this the prongs should gently rest on the dogs neck which can be achieved by adding or removing links.
  • Use care in putting the collar on your dog and do so by unfastening one of the links and refastening it once its placed around your dogs neck. Do NOT slide the collar over your dogs head - this could cause injury. The collar should be positioned so that the O-ring/swivel is on top.
  • Frequently check the fit and tension of each link to allow for proper function. Re tighten the links if necessary.
  • We strongly recommend using safety line with all training collars https://www.vonwolfshop.co.uk/safety-line-adjustable-4847-p.asp

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