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Green Lipped Mussel Extract is a traditional food supplement from New Zealand. Green-lipped mussel contains a large amount of glucosamines, chondroïtines, marine lipids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and is used as a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. This extract, which has a much broader spectrum of nutrients than any other organism on earth, acts on the joints to improve them and keep them healthy so your pet is able to move in a natural and painless way. The green-lipped mussel supplement is a good way to protect the joints of your pet against against heavy labor and fierce pressures. Even painful joints and injured by trauma (accident etc..) can show a strong improvement with this supplement.

In the past few years animal studies demonstrated that green-lipped mussel has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect, which would have an even better impact than fatty acid supplements. The operation of this extract would be virtually equal to the operation of the well known NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), but it is a safer alternative in contrast to pharmaceuticals cause they don’t have adverse side effects. It is therefore that both characteristics together, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, make a very good and safe way to treat arthritis (joint inflammation), as this extract diminishes motion pain and degeneration of the joints with more than 75% or even completely.

There is no better way to feed the skin and body than from the inside through diet. Green-lipped mussel powder nourishes and conditions the skin and coat to obtain a healthier appearance of your dog, cat or horse. The health gained by this supplement is not only visible externally but also has a large influence internally! This extract ensures that the walls of the blood vessels become firmer, and the circulatory system improves greatly, resulting in a healthy blood circulation and supply of the vital organs and muscles. What results in an increased blood flow in the lungs, more oxygen supplied to various parts of the body, reduced number of problems caused by asthma and an improved overall lung function.

All these valuable nutrients available in this supplement makes the immune system improve and accelerate wound healing. It heightens the resistance to both viral and bacterial infections and increases the production of antibodies against harmful foreign substances. External wounds will heal much quicker and cleaner because of an increase in the number of blood platelets and antibodies.

It is however necessary to take green-lipped mussel as a dietary supplement if you want to enjoy its benefits, since these mussels lose their nutritional value very quickly in cooking and / or freezing. Therefore, eating it raw or taking a dietary supplement containing green-lipped mussel is the only way to obtain this valuable effects.

The net weight is 200 gr.


Reduces pain
Improves the circulatory system
Feeds skin and coat
Supports the joints

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Product Code VWNGLM