Flexi Life Silver

Product code: VWNFLS

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This dietary supplement is the basic product of the Flexi Life Line and is used to feed and to protect your animals joints against external influences from advance. Because of that early prevention, the chance of getting arthritis and other joint problems reduces greatly.

The Flexi Life Line is based on natural products that cause no damage to the body in any way. The nourishing and supporting properties are only visible after some time (depending on the animal), because the concentration in the body needs to be built.

Beer yeast is one of the nutrients that protects the joints, but also takes care of the eyes to prevent cataract. Another feature of yeast is nourishing the skin intensively and recovering hair loss and damaged hair. The purifying and nourishing effects of this nutrient resolves itching and gives your pet back his shiny and healthy coat. Brewer's yeast also contains selenium which plays an important role in protecting the animal against heart disease, stroke and cancer. This is a good product to combat aging and therefore the joint wear. Beer yeast helps the immune system in the production of antibodies which gives your pets resistance a boost.

Another component of Flexi Life Silver is green-lipped mussel. This improves the joints and keeps them healthy so your pet is able to move in a natural and painless way. It protects the joints against toil and heavy pressure. Even bruised and aching joints by trauma show a strong or even a complete improvement. The strong anti-inflammatory effect is a safe alternative to drugs because it has no adverse side effects. Both properties (analgesic and anti-inflammatory) are a very good and safe way to treat and prevent arthritis.

A subsequent nutrient is MSM and it has very good performance characteristics against osteoarthritis. It has both preventive and therapeutic effects to reduce pain and improve mobility. Because MSM also restores and strengthens the muscles, the joints are carried better and thus better protected.

The last ingredient of this dietary supplement is turmeric, this protects the chondrocytes (cartilage cells) against certain effects of the surrounding circular body reactions. This substance can also counteract rheumatism and osteopenia cause of the anti-inflammatory effect and prevent osteoporosis.

All these components that have a positive impact on the joints are put  together in this supplement to support and protect the joints. In this way it slows the aging process of the joints and prevents as much as possible the risk of arthritis and other joint problems.

• Beer yeast
• Greenlipped mussel
• Turmuric

Analytical consituents:
• Humidity: 3%
• Raw proteins: 36,2%
• Raw fat: 0,52%

• 2 à 3 gr./20kg body weight/day

The net weight is 200 g.

Technical specifications

Product Code VWNFLS