Flee Stop

Product code: VWNFST

Product information


This is a product made from brewer's yeast and garlic that helps to ward off parasites and nourish and protect the skin.

By a combined intake of beer yeast and garlic the blood of your pet gets an unpleasant taste. Parasites that live of your dogs blood, such as fleas and worms in the intestine, will not like the taste and they will leave to find another place to meet their nutrition.

The high amount of vitamin B present in beer yeast promotes bowel movement and ensures a smooth digestion. This allows to help dogs, cats who suffer from diarrhea.

Other ingredients nourish and protect the skin intensively. It repairs hair loss and a damaged coat, allowing your pet to get a healthy and shiny coat.

• Beer yeast
• Garlic

Analytical constituents:
• Humidity: 3%
• Raw proteins: 23%

2 gr./20kg body weight/day

The net weight is 200 g.


Keeps parasites away
Emproves a shiny coat
Fights diarrhea
High Vitamine B

Technical specifications

Product Code VWNFST