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This is a dietary supplement made of shark cartilage is very rich in chondroitin. This complementary feeding protects the cartilage in the joints of your dog, cat and horse and restores any damage in several very effective ways.

Chondroitin stimulates the regeneration of new cartilage and bone tissue. The renewal process is accelerated and the formed cartilage strengthened, making the joint more flexible and any further wear slowed. Collagen is produced out of Chondroitin and is an important component of the body that ensures the lubrication of the joint.

Additionally, this sugar compound makes articular cartilage absorb extra water so becomes more shock resistant. This way the joint is better protected against shocks and external influences.

Recent studies has shown that shark cartilage contains certain chemicals which prevent the formation of new blood vessels. Since arthritis is an inflammatory process, and this requires a lot of blood, the formation of new blood vessels is a factor which stimulates inflammation. This dietary supplement affects the formation of new blood vessels at the level of the joints by braking the regrowth. Various studies have shown that shark cartilage brings significant improvements at the level of the joints with dogs, cats, horses suffering from arthritis. This method is not limited to treating the symptoms but works mainly by eliminating the cause: the inflammation. By taking this supplement, the pain is greatly reduced and the dog, horse, cat is able to move again in a normal way. Because of these actions, this supplement is an excellent tool to prevent osteoarthritis and with its anti-inflammatory action further degeneration of the joint.

This feed supplement is not only advisable to restore injured joints but also to protect and enhance healthy joints. In this way, external factors have less influence on the pass points of the body, and they remain much longer healthy.

The protective effect is usually achieved only several weeks to months after the start of intake. In case it is taken for back or neck pain remedy, it takes a little longer. After termination of ingestion it takes just as long for that effect to disappear. It is therefore recommended to take Chondroitin continuously, even during prolonged use it has no risks or side effects.

Doctors and veterinarians begin to prescribe this product for patients with joint problems because they have seen that treatment with chondroitin looks more like a healing therapy than only treating the symptoms.

CAUTION! Shark cartilage inhibits angiogenesis (regrowth of new blood vessels) and is therefore not recommended in puppies, kittens and pregnant animals.

The net weight is 200 g.

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Product Code VWNCHO