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Biergist is a
nutritional supplement that’s made from the dead bodies of yeast organisms that are specially bred to serve as food. Due to the large amount of proteins and carbohydrates, low fat and an abundance of essential nutrients it is one of the richest foods known.

Potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, salt and iron are the minerals that are present in beer yeast. Chromium, also called glucose tolerance factor, is another component of this supplementary feed and is important in the prevention of diabetes.

This dietary supplement is rich in various types of B vitamins (vitamin B complex), what makes beer yeast even more unique.

The high amount of vitamin B present in yeast promotes bowel movement and ensures smooth digestion. That way, even pets who suffer from diarrhea and horses with acidification of the digestive system are helped.

Different ingredients in beer yeast nourish and protect the skin intensively, restoring hair loss and damaged hair. Your pet gets back his shiny and healthy coat. By the purifying and nourishing effects of this dietary supplement it can also reduce summer eczema and other itch.

Biergist also contains selenium, which has an important role in the protection against heart disease, stroke and cancer. In collaboration with vitamins A, C and E it is a powerful tool to combat aging. However, that’s not the only advantage. Selenium is an important nutrient to keep the body's reproductive organs in condition and increase fertility.

This supplement helps to maintain the elasticity of the tissue and helps the immune system in the production of antibodies, thereby you get a boost of your animals resistance.

Another feature of this supplementary feed is to protect the joints and to combat arthritis. Also the protection of the eyes and prevention of cataract is a beneficial effect of yeast.

Another advantage of this supplement is to avoid fleas, parasites and worms in the intestine. This is because yeast makes the blood of your pet taste unpleasant, so that pests will search another place.

Brewer's yeast is also used to keep pigeons in good condition.

All in all, this dietary supplement has numerous effects that are interesting for your pet. On the one hand it takes care for the maintenance and care of your animal, on the other hand it helps to prevent and remedy certain ailments.

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Product Code VWNBGI